It feels important to share this. There are no spoons here or wooden bowls, but please read on…

Two friends of mine have had a dream since they met to live on the road in a house on wheels and to create a travelling theatre bringing music and story and wondrous creativity and magic to the eyes, ears and hearts of audiences young and old. Artist/Maker of Things/Musician Rima Staines and Poet/Storyteller/Maker of Masks Tom Hirons have so far raised almost £25,000 towards making this dream a reality and now have just one week left to raise a little more…

In brief they intend to turn a 1960’s Bedford RL lorry in to a travelling off grid theatre and home.  Read more about the magic behind this project in their own words and donate to support the project here

I took part in a short film to kick start the crowd funding stage which was a lot of fun; see if you can spot me playing the fiddle in my sepia hat.

I believe that they have already raised the money they need to get the project off the ground but please go to their crowd funding site and throw some pennies in their hat as they are now raising further funds for community story and arts projects which will run from Hedgespoken.

Having lived in a converted vehicle myself for some years in the past i know that they are not making life easy for themselves by choosing this way to live. But they have so much to offer and so much support around the world by people who, like me, believe in them and the gifts their talents bring to others. It would be all kinds of wrong if they did not embark upon this journey!

I’ll leave you with a beautiful film about life in the slow lane which Rima shared recently on her Facebook page. And a request that you share news of Hedgespoken with a few other people and help to spread the Good News.


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