7 responses to “Gallery

  1. Many wonderful things! So many I would like to buy and own now.
    Can one order off your site and pay by e.g. PayPal?
    If not you could consider that. But maybe you prefer to talk to the people who will own your treen tho’ and I can empathize with that.

  2. Those objects are truly beautiful ! That said from a man whose professional life is spent at the Louvre commenting on masterpieces.
    I especially the four-handles… mmm… bowl ? and the spoons held in hand in the photographs : superb visual and functional balance

  3. I have truely enjoyed reading your blog, particularly the part about your child hood in Jordan, this took me to those lovely days of our life together. I also admire the way you transformed wood into a such beautiful almost talking useful bowls, spoons, ..etc. what an amazing and inspiring man you are.

    I am a very proud father. X

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