A quick post before heading off to Devon for a spell

A lady approached my stall recently and was admiring one of my quaichs.  I explained that it was a traditional communal drinking vessel to which she replied, ‘I don’t drink spirits…and I don’t think I could get enough red wine in to that!’  So I decided to make a larger one which can hold more of the good stuff, whatever that may be.  Nothing wrong with using it for orange juice at breakfast time either I s’pose.  Made from spalted beech and finished with beeswax.

Found the picture below of an apple wood spoon I carved a while back which now has a new home in America.  The wood was collected when a friend told me about a man who advertised on freecycle that he’d cut down the tree in his garden and wanted it to be used rather than burned.  It was very green; really lovely to carve.

A few cooking spoons carved from hazel, some of which now have new homes.

And the two spoons below were carved a few weeks ago while visiting my parents at their place in beautiful South West Ireland.  The one on the left is carved from Irish alder and is now my Mother’s breakfast spoon.  The white one is Himalayan birch, from their garden and was picked out by my Dad as his.  I hope they’re enjoying them.

I’m off to deepest, darkest Devon for a couple of weeks to stay with my friends at the Steward Community Woodland.  They’re running one of their wonderful permaculture courses and have asked me back to help with the cooking, firewood collecting etc.  Cooking for lots of people outside on a wood fire may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I love it. Falling asleep listening to the owls is pure magic; I always feel very much at home sleeping in the woods there. Sure there’ll be time to carve some spoons between my shifts.  I may do a write-up about it when I get back.


3 responses to “A quick post before heading off to Devon for a spell

  1. It is good to know that there are people like you who care about nature, and who wish to see the world as a better place with more cycling and less burning. I am enjoying my cereal for my daily breakfast in a wooden bowl and a lovely wooden spoon carved by Sharif Adams. Thank you Sha.

  2. sounds lovely. Please do a write up of Steward Wood- after talking to you at Spoonfest I’d like to think we’ll actually get to visit there!

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