Inspired by old bowls

This lovely book is written in Swedish so I can’t read a single word. Someone in Sweden kindly got this copy for me. There are some lovely photographs of old  turned bowls and drinking vessels as well as lidded boxes, also turned on a pole lathe.  The four-cornered bowls below have been turned from a blank which was roughed out without having the corners of the split log axed off.  Once turned the corners were carved.  This much I can understand from just seeing the pictures.  What I don’t know is whether they were reserved for some specific use.

Anyway, I like the look of them so I had a go at turning one.  Most of the pictures in the book show that these bowls were painted with various patterns and colours.  I think the cherry is pretty enough as it is.

At some point I’ll turn a few from some birch or ash and experiment with painting them.

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