simple things

I like simple things and I like to keep things simple.  A few bits of old timber rescued from the bonfire, a willow log split in half, some cheap bits of steel and a few handtools.  Nothing special; and my lathe is nothing special either.  The word ‘ramshackle’ always springs to mind when I look at it, (others have been less polite!)….and yet it works.  With it and with some similarly simple, hand-forged tools…rustic wooden bowls are liberated from logs.  The rhythmic sound of steel peeling shavings, birdsong all around and the smell of fresh-cut wood in the air. These simple things I like very much.


2 responses to “simple things

  1. Thanks for sharing your work. Far above being ‘quite nice’ it is brilliant IMO. Perhaps the previous commenter would should share with us what kind of work s/he finds to be ‘nice’ or even ‘very nice’ as opposed to ‘quite nice’, which in English amounts to damning with faint praise.

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